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Founders & Staff​​

Troy Lewis​ - Founder



Troy Lewis aka P.O.E.T THE NEXT REVOLUTION is a poet, writer, actor and author. He is the Founder of the National Poetry Awards with an extensive history in the poetry community and firm performance legacy. Troy's spoken word has touched the hearts of people from New Jersey, North Carolina, Seattle, Portland, Panama City and Georgia which are only a few of the states his words have affected lives. He has over 100 appearances on stages and the radio circuit. He speaks to the intellects reluctant to embrace the power of the mighty pen and educates our communities regards to the ugliness of the world and showcases the beauty hidden within.


The extensive knowledge and experienced acquired during his personal journey has transformed into his Silent Myndz Group wherein he establishes a foundation for artists to grow and spread their wings. Silent Myndz Entertainment (S.M.E) is home for some of the hottest musicians, spoken word artists, Blogtalk radio hosts and authors. This talented group of individuals brings joy to lives, challenges minds, speaks to souls and restores the spirit.

Monica Martinez - National President

Monica S Martinez, Published Author, CEO & Founder of Tantalizing Productions as well creator of the poetry group “The Tantalizing Angels.”


Monica is a strong and brazen woman of Hispanic descent whose gone off the beaten path to find an alternate method of engaging individuals who feel misunderstood and stagnant. Using workshops based on sexual relations, Monica is empowering people with a philosophy that can also be used to help keep families together.


Like many others while growing up, she faced a great deal of racism and sexism. Due to multiple abusive struggles at home, she was forced to move in with her aunt at a young age. Later in life she struggled with relationships. After a failed a marriage, the "Tantalizing Angel" set on a journey to embrace all aspects of who she is. She moved beyond her inhibitions and gained confidence in who she was and her sexuality.


Eventually Monica would take it one step further, in 2004 she started an in home party business promoting adult novelties. "Tantalizing Productions" provides women with educational information to help keep their relationships alive, spicy and fun. Many famed old adages and scientific studies have proven a healthy sexual life style can save a marriage, which in turn strengthens family bonds. After hearing numerous stories that ranged from tantalizing to humorous, she found herself gravitating towards her first passion, writing. "Tantalizing Erotic Thoughts and Encounters," is a series of short stories she authored that takes you on a personal journey of discovery.


Monica has also begun to develop a strong presence within the poetry community, where she uses spoken word to further her outreach and reveal her life's loves & pains.


“Tantalizing Angels” was created in 2010. They are a Poetry Diversified Collective group offering diversified stories on erotica and life. They are currently  performing throughout the city carving a name for themselves performing in such venues as The Nuyorican Poets Café, The Red Room Lounge, The Soul Box, Billie Blacks, Mike Geffner Spoken Word, Microphone Fiends, Eargasm, Fairfield University,  just to name a few. They have sparked interest and conversation to legions of voices in NYC speaking of topics people only dream of across the city  as they have been touring which has enhanced the popularity of there brand. The Demographics of Tantalizing fans include mature, working class, college educated singles, groups and couples who seek relationship enhancement and mature entertainment.


Latanya DeVaughn - National Vice President / Treasurer

Latanya DeVaughn

Professional, dedicated and driven, Latanya DeVaughn, a native from the Bronx, has quickly established herself as one of the premiere event curators of open mic showcase events in New York City. In addition, she has also brought a sense of unity to a community of artists that
was largely disconnected outside of their individual boroughs. By creating Urban Voices Heard - a traveling showcase that hosts an open mic and features artistic talents, she created a platform for artists from all 5 boroughs to share their art. In doing so, she also provided
exposure to both well-known and novice artists that had yet to be discovered in other areas of New York City. With her vision as a Bronx native to Keep ART in the Bronx, her event moved from Manhattan in late 2008 and headed home.

In 2008 she took her traveling showcase from the Spoon Theater in midtown Manhattan to Books in The Hood (the only black owned bookstore in the South Bronx). From there she landed at Z'Novia restaurant. Ending her travels in 2011 at new and unheard of El Fogon Center for the Arts in the Bronx, here is where she was given room to explore other avenues to encourage art. Avenues including curating writing workshops and visual art showcases. This has proven to be a very successful recipe for her, as she has now organized dozens of open mics throughout the tri-state area.

Latanya has been a feature poet for Bronx Stories at the Bronx Museum of Arts in 2011. Urban Voices Heard Presents "When art meets ART" An All Arts Showcase and Open mic at the Nuyorican in 2012, and at The NYC Latina's Writer's Group 7th Year Anniversary event in 2013. She featured at the Nuyorican Poet's Cafe on March 21, 2014 for Palabras Sin Ego.

Latanya is now known for her ability to conceptualize, organize and then execute events. Her unique skill sets have not gone unnoticed, instead, they have allowed her to seamlessly transition into a multifaceted brand. A brand that now represents event planning, entertainment management, event curator and youth education across New York City.

She has encouraged the youth to explore their artistic talents by facilitating various Spoken Word writing workshops a week at an alternative High School in Queens, Fordham University (S.T.E.P) and an after-school program in Manhattan. Even as a High School student, she
encouraged her peers and hoped to work with High School students one day. She is and always has been a firm believer of: speaking your future into existence.

In December 1st, 2013 Latanya started a weekly writing workshop called "The Sunday Writing Workshop" The workshop participants are writers of  all levels and genres.  

​​Poetikk Justice- National Regional Director

Tonya Marie Shell (Poetikk Justice) is a decedent of West African and Jamaican roots. Born in Boston Massachusetts by way of Norfolk, Virginia, Tonya has spent the last 20 plus years in the Hampton Roads Area. Tonya is the also the founder and CEO of Renaissance Woman Productions, Totally Talented Talent Agency and Justice for All Promotions. This is a woman of many talents and literally an outfitter of many hats. Poetikk Justice served as the Media Director for the Virginia House of Comedy in Virginia Beach Virginia for seven years. In working with the comedy club, she has established working relationships with famed actress "Monique". In addition, Poetikk served as a Judge for the Virginia Idol competition where "Tiffany" from past seasons of "Sean Puffy Combs Making of the Band" and Chesapeake VA's own American Idol "Chris Richardson" were first and second place winners. Poetikk Justice is the Writer, Director and Producer of various hit stage plays "Men Who Wear Pink Socks", "Oilsheen: The Musical Stage Play", "Women Who Wear Blue Genes: The Hit Stage Play" and "Damaged Goodes the HIT Stage Play". Ms. Poetikk Justice has been seen in the stage play "Shelly Garrett's Beauty Shop" and "Too Good to Let Go" playing opposite of Actor Michael Coylar, "Jackee" Harris from "227" and A.J. Johnson from the movie "Friday". This local Playwright has written, directed and produced other plays early on in her playwright career to mention "Read between the Lines", "No Child Left Behind", and "The Right to Remain Silent". These plays were geared toward building the self-esteem for At- Risk Youths in improvised communities in Norfolk, Virginia. As a prior employee of Norfolk Public Schools, Poetikk founded several organizations that highlighted issues which affect generations of our youth such as bullying, homelessness, domestic violence, teen age pregnancy and truancy. The L3 Project: Learning, Laughter and Literacy partnered with famed Actress Mo'Nique was a project that gave students on a high school level to become involved with improving their reading SOL scores through book clubs, drama troops and comedy. Poetikk Justice is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., Past Supreme Grand Deputy for the Fraternal Order of Eastern Stars, Fraternal Order of Police #28, United Order of Tents and Toastmasters International. If that is enough, Poetikk is an established Photographer, Abstract Visual Artist, Spoken Word Artist, Classical Harpist, Writer, and Boxing Announcer for the USA Boxing Commission, Avid Golfer, Songwriter and Plus Size Model. Ms. Fabulous possesses a B.A in Sociology from Norfolk State University, Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Strayer University and a Masters in Urban Education from Norfolk State University. Ms. Fabulous inspires to be accepted into Hampton University's PhD program in Business Administration in Hampton Virginia next year. Poetikk frequently donates her time to helping various causes to include feeding the homeless at the Salvation Army in Norfolk Virginia, serves as a team leader for the Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk that occurs every October. Poetikk Justice is also affectionately known as "Ms. Fabulous" is often referred to the Hampton Roads Area as the "Hostess with the Mostess" as she has hosted many events to include the 51st Anniversary Motown Tribute and the B.E.T ALL STAR COMEDY SHOW. Poetikk Justice is the creator and producer of "The Eye Got Something To Say Radio Show on the D Hour Show Radio Network. Poetry is good for Mind, Body and Soul. As the National Regional Director for the National Poetry Awards Organization, I am truly Honored and Humbled by this experience. Special thanks to everyone involved and Congrats to all of the Honorees of the 5th Annual National Poetry Awards

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Vanessa Chica - National Marketing Director

Vanessa Chica is a New York City poet.


She is a lover and supporter of all things creative. She made the terrifying yet liberating decision to share her poetry while on vacation in the summer of 2013 at The Poets Passage in San Juan P.R. This decision led to a whirlwind of words and creative endeavors.


You can find Vanessa Chica making her voice felt and heard at various venues across New York City, some of these include The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Capicu Cultural Showcase, The Dojo, Babble in the Bronx and Word@4F.


She is a member of Machete Movement, a world music band featuring percussion and spoken word. She previously held a production assistant position for Soledad Speaks a Spoken Word Production produced and directed by Linda Nieves Powell. Vanessa Chica is currently the assistant director and member of The Sunday Writing Circle, a weekly writing group, a student of LaSopa (The school of poetic arts), Marketing director for ELKAT Productions and Tantalizing Productions as well as Co-Founder of The Full Circle Ensemble.


Leticia Torres - National Photographer 

(Visions In Photography)


Hello & Welcome to my little corner in the universe.


My photography journey began in 2011.A dear friend & mentor asked me one day "if there is anything you would love to do what would it be?"I repied "I love pictures, I would love to take pictures, maybe ONEDAY be a photographer." Shortly after that my friend blessed me with my first digital camera and told me to



This journey for me has been more then just snapping pictures, it has been one that has opened my eyes& filled my soul. Every shoot has been amazing on so many levels as I continue to learn & expand thru the knowledge attained in the realm of photography. 


From special events & celebrations, to spoken word & candid shots to street photography or out in nature, I strive to capture the essence of a moment with every image I take. 


MY MISSION, PASSION & COMMITMENT is in ...Capturing Moments... & Creating Memories...

thru my Visions In Photography


"Every picture is a poem unwritten"

"Pictures are footprints captured in time, telling a story of the journey we have been on.


"Leticia Torres